Additional Services

Premier Financial Credit Union offers a wide variety of convenient services.


Bank by Phone

Access your account by telephone 24 hours a day at 1-888-898-9211. Transfer funds, check balances and more.


Cash Advance

Cash advances can be made at Premier Financial Credit Union. Advances can be made for a fee (determined by card issuer) up to the cash advance limit of your card.


Coin Counting

Self-operated coin counters are available in the lobby of all Premier Financial Credit Union offices. There is no fee for this service.


Foreign Currency

Avoid inflated exchange rates and visit Premier Financial Credit Union before traveling. Foreign currency can be ordered for 100 different countries. Please plan in advance to avoid unexpected delays, currency is generally delivered within 1-2 business days. Delivery and exchange fees may apply and are subject to change.  


Financial Counselors

Please contact the credit union for help with creating a budget or spending plan, paying down debt, or any other needs.  


Gift Cards

A Visa Gift Card is the perfect gift. It can be used domestically everywhere Visa Debit Cards are accepted. Please see the Visa Gift Card insert at time of purchase for additional information and fees.  Gift Cards are issued by MetaBank®, N.A.,  Member FDIC. Please see the Credit Union's Fee Schedule

No Fee Gift Card Promotion 


Golden Key Club

The Golden Key Club is a club specifically designed for members 55 and better. The goal is to add financial benefits to your credit union membership with discounts and incentives. 

How To Qualify:
• You must be a member in good standing
• Age 55 or better
• Be a deposit holder with a minimum of $2,000 in any share (savings) or share certificate account.
• Have a loan, line of credit or PFCU credit card with a minimum limit of $2000.

Benefits Include:
• Cashiers Checks
• Fax Machine Usage
• Photocopies
• No Fee Visa Gift or Travel Card
• Free Liberty Image Checks with Direct Deposit (Checks must be ordered at a PFCU office to receive the discount)
• Safe Deposit Box Discount 
• Special Pricing for Golden Key Club Events

Upon meeting the above requirements, simply call us or stop in. We will add your name to the list of Golden Key Club members.


Money Wire

Premier Financial Credit Union has the ability for a fee to send and receive Money Wires for our Members. To send a money wire, please visit any Premier Financial Credit Union office.



To have MONEY WIRED to your account at Premier Financial Credit Union:

Give the Originating Institution the following Wire Instructions in its entirety:

Corporate Central Credit Union
6262 South Lowell Place
Muskego, WI 53150
Routing #275082866

With further credit to:
Premier Financial Credit Union
Account #275980887

With final credit to:
Your Name
Your Member number – savings/checking

Please see the Credit Union's Fee Schedule.



Notary Public is a free service offered to members at Premier Financial Credit Union. Notaries are available at all offices. 


Payroll Deduction

Looking for a way to save some extra cash? Sign up for payroll deduction. Payroll deduction allows you to designate what accounts your payroll gets split into. Simply have your employer deposit your entire check to one account and we will take care of the rest. This is a great way to save extra money for the holidays or your next family vacation.


Penny Pouch Club

Members of Premier Financial Credit Union, age 12 and under automatically belong to the Penny Pouch Club. The purpose of the Penny Pouch Club is to encourage good savings habits for the young savers. The program allows children to earn Penny Pouch Points when a deposit is made to their account. The points can be redeemed for toys in the Penny Pouch cabinet.


Routing Number 

Premier Financial Credit Union's Routing Number is 275980887. 


Safe Deposit Boxes

Keep valuables and important papers safe in our fireproof vault.
Safe deposit boxes are available at the all Premier Financial Credit Union offices.

Safe Deposit Box Annual Fee

3 x 5 (New Holstein) 


5 x 5 (New Holstein) 


3 x 10 (New Holstein, Kiel, Chilton)


5 x 10 (New Holstein, Kiel, Chilton)


10 x 10 (Kiel, Chilton) 


Lost Key


Both keys lost (drilling & replacement)

$25.00 +
Actual Cost


Savings Bonds

The U.S. Treasury has been issuing paper savings bonds since 1935. As of January 1, 2012, paper savings bonds are no longer sold at financial institutions. You can buy digital savings bonds online at Treasury Direct, Paper Savings Bond can be redeemed at Premier Financial Credit Union.



Premier Financial Credit Union offer two scholarship programs.

College Scholarships

Premier Financial Credit Union was named as beneficiary of a life insurance policy by one of our members, Charles Andes. We have elected to use the earnings from the life insurance proceeds to fund a scholarship program. Premier Financial Credit Union also offers one additional scholarship. The scholarships are open to any member* of Premier Financial Credit Union who is currently enrolled in post-secondary education at a college or technical school and have completed 24 certified credits.  Application opens mid-January of each year.  

High School Scholarship

Premier Financial Credit Union awards one scholarship to a graduating high school senior each year. The scholarship is open to any member* of Premier Financial Credit Union, who is a full-time high school student and a member of the graduating class.  Application opens mid-March of each year.  


 *An applicant must be a member of Premier Financial Credit Union. A member, by definition, is any individual who has his/her own account at Premier Financial Credit Union. Applicant must be a member by November 1 of the year prior to the award and not a secondary account holder. See application for complete details.


Travel Card

Take the Travel Card on your next vacation with you! The prepaid cards allows you to spend up to the balance of the card. This card will give you the security of travelers checks and the convenience of a debit or credit card. Please see the Travel Card insert at time of purchase for additional information and fees. Please see the Credit Union's Fee Schedule



Contact the Credit Union for more information about the TruStage Program.

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