Home Equity

 REAP/Home Equity Line of Credit
(Fixed or Variable Line of Credit)

Use the equity in your home when you need instant cash that is available to you 24/7.  Once approved, the cash is ready for you to access at any time - if and when you need it 24/7.  You pay nothing if you carry no balance.  No annual fee.  

General Uses:
• Overdraft Protection
We can automatically transfer funds to cover overdrafts from your REAP.  The cost is minimal compared to overdraft fees. 
• Short or Medium Term Cash Needs
Great for home improvements, vacations, tuition, weddings, landscaping, new car, bill consolidation, improvements to increase the value of your home, of other major purchases. 

4 Ways To Get Your Cash!
• Make the advance yourself using our Online Express Banking.  You transfer the amount you need to your checking or other account.  
• Advance the funds yourself using our 24 hour bank-by-phone, Premier Express.
Call us and we can put the money into your account or we can send you a check.
Stop in and we'll do the transaction for you.

Minimum payment is $15 or 1.5% of outstanding balance, whichever is greater. Make payments only on what you borrow. 

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