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+Premier Financial Credit Union will pay your actual closing costs such as recording fees, title search fee, property valuation fee, etc., associated with the mortgage or equity loan you are requesting. This offer does not apply to: business purpose, construction or secondary market loans. Membership eligibility and credit approval required. Other restrictions may apply, please call 1.877.891.4232 to obtain additional cost information. 

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            Chris Schultz                              Karen Lisowe                          Jim Vandenhouten
        Business Lender                   Member Relations Specialist      Member Relations Specialist

      NMLSR # 1507301                         NMLSR # 708165                       NMLSR # 472239
  920.898.4232 ext.1112                   920.898.4232 ext.1103                920.898.4232 ext.1105


          Sara Cardinal                                 Peggy Goch                          Nancy Boutchard
   Processing Supervisor                    Kiel Branch Manager          Member Relations Specialist 
      NMLSR # 526136                           NMLSR # 708161                       NMLSR # 708160
   920.898.4232 ext.1125                  920.898.4232 ext.1205              920.898.4232 ext.1210

           Tami Schroeder
   Member Relations Specialist
         NMLSR # 1471575
      920.898.4232 ext.1110


Premier Financial Credit Union
National Mortgage Licensing System & Registry
Mortgage Loan Officers
Credit Union NMLSR ID# 705211
Julie Binversie 708159
Nancy Boutchard 708160
Sara Cardinal    526136
Peggy Goch 708161
Karen Lisowe 708165
Brad Grant 1532541
Steven Nothem 708166
Tami Schroeder 1471575
Christofer Schultz 1507301
James Vandenhouten 472239
Consumers can access mortgage loan originator information at the Consumer Access website:

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