Donation Request

Premier Financial Credit Union receives numerous requests for donations. To ensure all donations follow Premier Financial Credit Union’s Charitable Giving Policy, the following guidelines have been established. 

These guidelines have been established:
1.    We kindly ask that you complete a donation request form.
2.    The receiving organization, agency or activity generally must be within PFCU’s field of Membership.
3.    The Credit Union will, in general, make contributions serving the following purposes: Education, Health, Human   
Services, Community or Cultural Development, Financial Literacy, and Economic Development.  
4.    All donations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  The number of members who will benefit and the  impact of the activity or project will be taken into consideration. 

Premier Financial Credit Union will not make contributions for:
1.    Operating or administrative cost to run a business or organization;
2.    Campus student organizations, fraternities, sororities;
3.    Merchandise promotions;
4.    Political or partisan endorsements, events, or organizations;
5.    Organizations that may represent a conflict of interest to the Credit Union. 

We would appreciate if your donation request was submitted one month prior to your event. 

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