College Scholarships
Premier Financial Credit Union was named as beneficiary of a life insurance policy by one of our members, Charles Andes.  We have elected to use the earnings from the life insurance proceeds to fund a scholarship program.  Plus, Premier Financial Credit Union offers one additional scholarship.  These scholarships are open to any member of Premier Financial Credit Union who is currently enrolled in post secondary education at a college or technical school.

High School Scholarship
One Premier Financial Credit Union Scholarship is awarded to a graduating high school senior each year.  The scholarship is open to any member of Premier Financial Credit Union, who is a full time high school student and a member of the graduating class.  

*An applicant must be a member of Premier Financial Credit Union.  A member, by definition, is any individual who has his/her own account at Premier Financial Credit Union.  Applicant must be a member by November 1 of the year prior to the award and not a secondary account holder.

** Post secondary scholarships are available to any member* with 24 certified credits of post secondary education presently attending a college of technical school. 

***See application for complete details. 

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