Premier Financial Credit Union Fee Schedule

Share and Share Draft Fees

Return/NSF Item (Return Fee)
(Share Draft, Electronic Debit & Bill Pay)


Overdraft Protection Transfer

$  7.50

Member Privilege (Overdraft Fee) $28.00
Share Draft Force Close $30.00
History of Transactions 
(Since Last Statement)
$  3.00
Copy of Each Statement Already Sent $  5.00
Balance and/or Research Statement
(Minimum 1 Hour Charge)
per hour
Share Draft Printing Depends on Style
Re-Open Acct/3 times within year from last close $20.00

 Money Management Account 

Closing of account within first 6 months $10.00
Excessive Withdraw (First 3 - no fee) $10.00

 ATM/Debit Card Fees 

ATM/Debit Card Replacement $10.00
ATM/Debit Card PIN Reminder $  5.00
Special Delivery  Additional Charge

 Credit Card Fees (Master Card/VISA) 

Annual Fee  None
Late Payment $20.00
Cash Advance (Per Advance) $  5.00
Replacement Card $10.00
PIN Reminder $  5.00
Special Delivery  Additional Charge
Pay By Phone
(Applies to card service center calls only.  Fee is not charged by calling the credit union.)

 Safe Deposit Box Fee (Annual Fee)

Box Size: 3x5  $15.00
Box Size: 5x5 $20.00
Box Size: 3x10 $25.00
Box Size: 5x10 $30.00
Box Size: 10x10
Lost Key $25.00
Both Keys Lost 
 (Drilling and Replacement)
$25.00 + 
Actual Cost

Other Fees 

Copy of Check/Sharedraft $  3.00
Copy of Cashiers Check, Money Order $10.00
Stop Payment:  
    Cashiers Check (Lost or Stolen) $30.00
     Money Order (Lost or Stolen) $30.00
     Share Draft $20.00
     Electronic Debit (ACH/Bill Pay) $20.00

Return Deposit Item
 (& Other Items Returned Unpaid)

Visa Gift Card $  3.00 per card
Visa Travel Card $9.95 per card
Commercial Money Order (CMO):  
   Western Union CMO $40.00
   International Money Order $65.00
Wire Transfer:  
   Domestic Outgoing Fed Wire $20.00
   International Outgoing Fed Wire $75.00
 Incoming  Fed Wire
FAX Service (Outgoing/Incoming)
Per Page
$  2.00
Copy Machine Service (Each Side) $  0.25
Locking Money Bag $28.00
Zippered Money Bag $  6.25
Cashiers Check (First 2 - no fee) $  2.00
Garnishment/Levy $35.00

Bill Pay - Inactive
(Four (4) consecutive months of no activity)

$  2.00/mo
Dormant Account Fee
(Based on twelve (12) consecutive 
months of no activity, on accounts with less than $250.00 balance)
$  5.00/mo

 Effective: 03-01-2018

Rev: 01/08/2019



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